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Carole Samaha Watches El Shahroura with Family


Lebanese actress watched the first episode of her series “El Shahroura” with her mother and family.

“Youm7.com” reported her stating she prefers watching the series at home with her mother, family and business manager, as she trusts their opinion.

Carole is eager to known fans opinion of her performance.

This is her first time to watch a Ramadan series.

Carole explained that she pushed her self to the limits in this series, and was also studying the role and working hard on it.

“El Shahroura” boasts a lot of stars including Ehab Fahmy, Ahmed Salama, Bahaa Tharwat, Carmen Labas, Bassem Moughnieh, and many more. It was scripted by Feda El Shandawily and directed by Ahmed Shafiq.




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