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Rihanna Half-Naked in Kadooment Day


International singer Rihanna took part in the festivities of “Kadooment Day” in her hometown of Barbados, and purposely wore traditional clothes that are very revealing, making her look half-naked.

The R&B star exposed a lot of flesh and kept dancing and having fun with the residents of her hometown who celebrated the harvest of sugar canes.

“US Magazine” published photos of the singer describing them as horrific, and revealed that Rihanna admitted thats she loves exciting her fans by wearing very revealing clothes.

Rihanna had previously stated she intentionally wears odd clothes to attract people’s attention, but confessed that she overstepped the limit only a short while ago, adding in the past she was unable to wear the color pink or put on bright red lipstick.

“Kadooment Day” is reportedly a national day in Barbados that traces back to 17 centuries ago when the farmers used to celebrate the yield of sugar canes.




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